• Nelson Andujar

    Nelson Adujar

    Nelson Adujar

    7th Dan / Shihan

    Nelson Andujar is the founder and chief instructor of Nations Aikikai. He is one of only a few within Aikido to hold the rank of 7th Dan and the only 7th Dan in Texas. Sensei Andujar has been in martial arts for over 46 years. He started training in Martial Arts in 1965 training with Antonio Pereira for 19 years in the art of Jujitsu. Wanting to learn more about the inner power, and the focus of Ki, he entered Aikido training under the guidance of Sensei Y. Yamada, at the New York Aikikai. Sensei Yamada holds the rank of 8th Dan in Aikido. Nelson moved to Miami where he started the Miami Aikikai 33 yrs ago, which is still under his direction. Nelson believes that a good sense of timing and distance is very important as well as learning the fundamental basics. His trainings are relaxed, but stern, demanding complete attention and focus from all his students. However, during class and training his laughter (and good humor) frequently vibrates off the walls and he is famous for offering “floating ideas” in furtherance of his students understanding a particular technique he may be demonstrating or teaching. Nelson taps into the natural abilities of each student and then fine tunes them. His standards are high and he expects more from his students. He practices the art of Ki and movement instead of the power of muscle and force.

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    • I’ve practiced Aikido in various parts of the world and this is traditional aikido where proper dojo etiquette is observed at all times. I’m grateful for the excellent one-on-one instruction I’ve received in this dojo. There is a healthy distribution from beginners through experienced practitioners. You’ll find the atmosphere welcoming. Most importantly, no matter what your skill level is, I think you’ll leave each class a little more skilled than when you arrived.
      Jeff Stueve5 Star Rating on Google Plus
    • I have practiced Aikido under Sensei Andujar for a long time. I enjoy the practice and I like his teaching .He is a very experienced Martial Art Master. His technical move and performance is on spot and you can learn lots of good things from him. I did and I still practice.
      hossein13265 Star Rating on Google Plus
    • If you wish to commit to learning and becoming proficient in Aikido then Nations Aikikai is the place for you, and Nelson Andujar is your Sensei. The classes are fun without being frivolous, and thoughful without being austere. Sensei Nelson has an instructing style that clearly presents the logical foundation of what he is teaching. It all makes sense. I wouldn't go anywhere else to learn Aikido.
      Robert Moss5 Star Rating on Google
    • Nelson Andujar, the instructor, is a high-level martial artist and a quality instructor and person. I highly recommend coming to watch practice if you are interested in seriously practicing aikido or jujitsu or if you are interested in practicing martial arts but haven't yet decided what style of martial arts to try.
      A Google User5 Star Rating on Google